If you are interested in the part of europe almost forgotten by the western civilization this is a good place to get some knowledge about Poland, pols and probably me

Saturday, August 27, 2005

time to say goodbye

Of course there is much more to show. But it is sensless- better to see that on your own.
On pictures above: scale(location in Europe) and whole path(from 2 angles)

finally- people

I wasn't the only one there. But those days it is not so easy to find someone on your path. When I started from the first shelter there were only few turists. Mostly from germany and czech republic. Then I found some pols but it was at the end of the trip (near the sniezka mountain), deeper in the polish territory. That's sad. Few years ago that was a crowded place. Now it is easier for everyone to go by the sea side than spend a week on a walk trought the mountains. But the weight and lazyness of 'statistic' pol raised together with his/her salary


In fact that is a TV signal repeater station. You feel strange being aside- seams that nobody is in and there is full of electronics. Like a horror scenography

hard as a rock

Friday, August 26, 2005

Wang- the church

More info here Wang church . I have no idea why it is in that place. I just enjoy that it looks so extraordinary

hello kitty

another shelter- lomniczka

After 10 hours of march I found that place. Woman asked about place to sleep answered "Yeah- floor".

Please! don't shoot!

"Aim your weapon here" - that sign reminds about old times, borders and soldiers patroling that area. Now it's a past. There was a czech restaurant on my back. Bo borders, no soldiers


Weather station at the highest peak of the region

Thursday, August 25, 2005

masz_rum /mushroom/


Zgodnie z zyczeniem Krzysia bedzie po polsku.
Schronisko pod Lebskim Szczytem. Gdzies w Karkonoszach.
Bo to bylo tak, ze mi sie szlak pomylil i zamiast pojsc w gory izerskie to mi sie w druga strone poszlo- i zle nie bylo.
Obsluga na pierwszy rzut oka wyglada atrakcyjnie acz w obyciu szorstka. Po chwili jednak obycie staje sie bardziej szlacheckie. Nie ma co ukrywac- dziewczyna pewnie juz z niejednym debilem musiala dyskutowac i trzyma zdrowy dystans na starcie! Potem jest OK wiec nie zgrywajcie wielkich faj.
Ceny: piwo-5;wyro-od 18;papu-?(mialem swoje).
Lokalizacja: boska !!! Miejce na ognisko a dodatkowo w stawiku pluskaja sie zolwie ! Woda jest. Nawet ciepla. Czysto schludnie i cicho- niespotykanie cicho. Wroce tam na pewno

the net


It always reminds me the sunday mornings and famous program for kids. This one was a king of the neighbourhood

first ever

Starting is the most difficut thing. So without any useless words: this is the place where I'm going to publish some ridiculous pictures, comment it and it might happen that those comments will be in a strange slavian languange. Ready, set, GO ...