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Monday, June 19, 2006

me, myself and I

Nobody said that it would be easy- not for me
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Mommy- I want to be a cowboy !

And now you should ask no questions- there is no better milk and meat than in Poland! Ask anyone who eat that. Fresh & tasty 'cause natural. And no french nor italian food can compare to that. This is not a matter of believe- everybody just knows that Posted by Picasa

Ukraine's day

In the modern history of Poland and Soviet Union some, lets call it 'errors' happend. One of them was moving people from the area of Ukraine (int those days Ukraine was a part of USSR) to the various locations in Poland. So the people from Ukraine's landed in the area of Wroclaw and Mazury. They still use their language, have a strong culture and influences in the local authorities. I was enough lucky to see 10th Ukrainian day of culture in Gizycko.

And there was one touchy event. Despite the fact that those were UKRAINIAN days, other minorities, such as german one, has a time for their performance. Realy great idea (but ukrainians were better :P ) Posted by Picasa

Windows ???

This is not a Windows Wallpaper- however, there is an idea where did they get it from. Posted by Picasa


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Mazury 2

A beautyful and calm place by the river. You've got there fields, rivers, silence and realy nice people. Or maybe you want some canoeing?
Most of the grounds are already bought by the people from big cities. Hovewer, if you have a child or just need rest just go there! You can always help local people with harvests. For those who work in the office 8h by 5d it is a nice change. Believe me- I did it this time (see me,myself and I) and I feel great.
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Finally, the summer has come and the seasson of trips has started. I went to visit Mazury, the region famous of their lakes. It is not far away from previously described (better to say: mentioned) Gdansk.
Lakes were made by the great glacier, the same that killed mammoths (remember the "Ice Age" ;) ) .
As it is in the most cases- water is for tourists, ground is for people who lives there. This time I had an oportunity to look at the Mazury from this second point of wiev... Posted by Picasa