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Friday, July 14, 2006


Plock- now, the center of petro industry. Centuries ago ... I even heard that it was a capital for 3 days. For sure it was a residence of polish king. It was just a years before Warsaw became a capital. Other fact is that now it is one of the ugliest cities that I saw. Ok, they've got a nice old town but it is enought to move 100 meters from that and you see ruins. However, Plock is fighting back. Thanks to the localisation (120 km from Warsaw) it is becoming more and more popular. Vistula river, that is crossing that city, is nearly clear and you can swim. Also they organize a lot of casual festivals on the beach. I'll tell about one of them later.

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US3 - nice to host you here

Once a year in all major cities of Poland students have their fest. Depends on place and univesities it is a weekend, week or longer when they rule the place. We call it 'Juwenalia' from latin 'juve'. As we all know, student is a very impredictable beast so to make them calm, locals organize some 'attractions'. Thanks to that I was able (unfortunately not as a student anymore) to watch US3 live. They were great- as always. Posted by Picasa